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Comprehensive decentralized viticulture project.

Vinux Marketplace with Global Sales

Vinux is the first global marketplace where leading producers and wineries have a showcase for wine

consumers from all over the world.


Vinux Corporation LTD

All operations associated with the Vinux token are backed by the Vinux corporation LTD company incorporated in the United Kingdom to give maximum agility and flexibility to our clients worldwide.

Vinux Solutions

Vinux allows the consumer to have a wide variety of different wines, countries and wine regions in one place, without the inconvenience of having to search for different options and guaranteeing the best price on the market since they buy directly from the winery.


Cryptocurrency Vinux


Wine Marketplace


Vinux Trade


Vinux Entrepreneur

Invest in a growing market

The world of oenology has more and more followers all over the world and the Vinux marketplace is going to be an incredible investment opportunity.


Vinux Cryptocurrency

Our cryptocurrencies “VINUX” and “Arthur Project” (TRX) are created under the “BSC” ecosystem, based on what is currently known as “Smart Contract”.

We chose this platform because in addition to being decentralized, they give us the advantage of having a “Lightweight Wallet” with an intuitive and clean UX.聽

This extends to the project’s investors and the community at large who supports a blockchain Token launched within the platform. In addition, customers will not have to do any blockchain downloads as the wallet is Chrome and mobile compatible.

Basically, our project has very well founded the most important aspects that must be taken into account in a project involving a Token.

Vinux multi-project

Vinux is not only a wine marketplace based on its own cryptocurrency, but also a multi-project created around the world of wine.
Vinux offers to the consumer the best prices thanks to buying directly from wineries.

Vinux Direct

Our marketplace will have direct sales of wines from all over the world, making us the reference portal to buy reference wines from anywhere.

Vinux Club

Access to a wine club where in addition to buying at lower prices you will enjoy specialised tastings of special and lesser-known wines, detailed analysis of emerging markets and specialised wine recommendations, together with news and relevant information in the newsletter.

Vinux Trade

Vinux Trade offers our clients the possibility to invest transparently in aenology-related assets such as fine wines, wine stocks and investment funds.

Vinux Business

Vinux Business allows B2B winery sales to professionals with adequate purchase volumes. In this way, customers with a large volume of operations are assured of a much more competitive price and a closer and more personalised treatment as they belong to our Business programme.

Vinux Entrepreneur

Our clients will receive advice for entrepreneurship in the world of wine for any activity they request, such as the creation of a winery, a wine brand, a wine distributor or a wine聽shop.

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Vinux Project WhitePaper


Vinux is one of the most innovative and reliable cryptocurrency projects,

Download our White Paper.

Our cryptocurrency “VINUX” has been created under the “BSC” ecosystem, based the “BSC” ecosystem, based on what is currently known as “Smart Contract”.


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August 24, 2021

Vinux Corporation LTD. is hereby incorporated in London.

September 29, 2022

Pre-sale of our Vinux cryptocurrency begins.

october 17, 2022

Vinux cryptocurrency exchange listing.

November 25, 2022

Startup of the development of the wine marketplace.

Between January to may 2023

Startup of the development of the implementation of services: Vinux Club, Vinux Trade, Vinux Business and Vinux Entrepreneur.

Between March to May 2023

Startup of the development of the Vinux Collection Service.




Vinux Corporation, LTD 20-22 Wenlock Road. LondonN1 7GU United Kingdom

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